Recently my inbox has been full with requests on how to repair the dreaded 7 beeps error on the new M series Dell laptops “M5030″, “M5010″, “M5050″ the error is actually a post error code to let you know their is a problem in the Bios post sequence it means “problem with cpu”, although on closer inspection this is actually incorrect it has to do with the Ati GPU chipset thats the true fault, i believe the problem to be heat related, the AMD CPU is overheating and causing the GPU to fail as a result, most think you can simply replace the CPU and the fault goes away, this is true to an extent however every machine i’ve repaired developed a secondary fault with the GPU, due to heat caused by the faulty CPU.

My repair process has been as followed;
Replace the old CPU with a brand new one, check the operating temps on the CPU & GPU
In most cases the GPU needs replaced with a new one.

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